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2023 Books of the Month

Updated: 3 days ago

The Book of the Month is available for 10% off in store!


The Little Drummer Boy

Author - Bernadette Watts

The classic story of the little drummer as sung in the familiar Christmas Song, Little Drummer Boy, is available in book format.

Big sister Lily reads to Ella, The Little Drummer Boy by Ezra Jack Keats in December of 2020 (left). Ella now reads the Little Drummer Boy by Bernadette Watts on her own (right).

The read-to children of yesterday become the readers of tomorrow


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Author - William Kampkwamba

A young boy desperately wants to help his father. The drought has nearly destroyed their entire crop. There will be no money for food let alone tuition for school.

The only water is miles away. Using his love of reading and inventing, can he find a way to bring water to his village? A true story of the author, William Kampkwamba from Malawi, who helped his family and entire community.


All the Colors of the Earth

Author & Illustrator- Sheila Hamanaka

Earth is full of beauty all around. From the skies to the mountains and rivers to the canyons and caves below and so are children and families. In the words of the author. “ Children come in all the colors of the earth, the sky and sea. Not just black or white or yellow or red, but roaring brown, whispering gold, tinkling pink , and more.” An inspiring book that celebrates the endless colors of life,



I'm a Big Sister & I'm a Big Brother by Joanna Cole

Someone is new at my house.

Can you guess who it might be?

Our new baby has come home with mom.

Now I’m a big sister! Yeah!

Pictured: Madison with her baby brother, Emerson, when he was born and now enjoying reading time on the porch as siblings.



The Water Princess by Susan Verde

Mother and I begin our walk to the well. It’s cool in the morning as we begin our journey with other mothers and children. Soon I meet my friends and cousins. We skip and run and laugh as we follow the old pathway. It’s a delightful and easy journey as we begin our day. What fun to be with family and friends!

I don’t want to think about the journey home when our jugs are filled with cool water. Hard work is ahead but now is wonderful!

Young girl sitting on the couch with an orange pillow propped behind her. She is holding a copy of the book, Water Princess



The Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs by Ronald Orenstein

Did You Know? Bird songs are all different just as their feathers, eggs, nests and habitat are.

Being able to identify a handful of bird songs is like tuning into another language. This backyard bird song book can be enjoyed by all the family members.

Listen for the various tunes and one day a bird may answer you back.

Madison had that very thing happen as she played the owl song and an owl answered 3 times in a row!!



One Plastic Bag by Isatou Cesar and the RECYCLING WOMEN of the Gambia

Plastic bags came to Njau, Gambia as a modern convenience in the 1970’s. By the 1990’s piles of them harbored mosquitoes and disease. Livestock died trying to eat the scraps of food left in abandoned bags.

Isatou Ceesay found a way to recycle the bags and transform her community. A true story how one person can begin a change to help her home and the world.



Life Skills for Kids by Karen Harris

Summer is a great time to review and teach children skills needed for growing up in the technological 21st century.

  • Saving (& spending) money

  • Good personal hygiene

  • Problem solving

  • Time management

  • Prioritizing tasks

  • Dressing for weather or an event

  • Goal setting

Life Skills is an easy to read book packed full of information necessary for a rewarding and abundant life.



Chase the Moon Tiny Turtle by Kelly Jordan &

Follow the Moon Home by Phillipe Cousteau & Deborah Hopkins

Children and turtles come in all shapes, sizes and age levels. Crossroads will be featuring two different books in April. Each book tells the story of how sea turtles must follow the night moon to the ocean.

Mother sea turtles lay their eggs in nests buried in the sand near the ocean waters. The mothers then return to the sea. Upon hatching baby turtles must find their own way to the open waters.

Two beautifully illustrated stories which tell the story of life near/in the ocean.



Waiting for the Biblioburro by Monica Brown

Ana lives in a small village in Colombia, South America. There used to be a school near her little town where she learned to read. Her school closed and now she has no access to books. One morning Ana hears a new and different sound on the road. Clip, Clop! Looking out the window she sees two burros carrying baskets of books with a man on one burro carrying a sign. BIBLIOBURRO

A true story about a traveling library founded by Luis Soriano Bohorquez.

Children in photos are Judah, Malachi and Aunt Lexie.



Nasreen's Secret School by Jeanette Winter

A young Afghan girl, Nasreen, will not speak to anyone. She will not talk to her dear grandmother or any other member of her family. She has not spoken a word since her parents vanished. Grandmother searches for something, anything that will reassure the child. An inspiring and true story from Afghanistan that affirms the power of education.



Forest Feast for Kids Cookbook by Erin Gleeson

The Forest Feast for Kids Cookbook by New York Times best selling author, Erin Gleeson is our January Book of the Month. Winter is a great time to share the love of cooking with the little ones. Our volunteer Norah and Charlotte enjoyed a wonderful afternoon exploring a new experience together - baking a pear galette. Charlotte even loved waiting until the crust was baked. While waiting she took a moment to further explore the other recipes in the cookbook.

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