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2024 Books of the Month

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Belle The Last Mule at Gee's Bend

By Calvin Alexander Ramsey & Bettye Stroud

Illustrator: John Holeyfield

Alex sits on the grocery store porch swinging his legs as he waits for mom. He watches an old mule munching away in someone’s garden across the street. Miz Pettway sits down next to Alex.  She fans herself with an old newspaper while chasing the flies away on a hot summer day in Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Alex wonders about that ol’ mule getting in trouble. 

Miz Pettway proudly tells Alex. “Ol’ Belle can eat all the collard greens she wants from my garden!  She's earned it! She’s famous now!” 

Thus is told the true story of a mule during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Belle helped pull the farm wagon carrying Dr, Martin Luther King’s casket in the funeral procession to Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia.

Young reader, Blake is preparing for a story report to share with his class for Black History Month.



Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book

By Britta Teckentrup

Watch the tree change with the seasons as each page is turned in this beautiful and educational picture book for curious young minds. A perfect read for children aged 3 - 5 who will love seeing a new set of animals appear and disappear as they learn about the seasons and how a forest and its inhabitants change throughout the year.


Thank you, Charlotte for sharing our January Book of the Month for everyone to see! Charlotte came to visit Crossroads with her Mom and Dad.

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