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"Our mission is to provide equal opportunity, living wages and sustainable living for artisans, their families and communities in poverty around the world."


Crossroads began as a small organization committed to providing positive, tangible support for people trying to support themselves through the creation of handcrafts.  Today, we are part of a growing international effort to develop alternative, sustainable, fair trade initiatives based on justice and cooperation.  

We are a nonprofit, volunteer staffed outlet for handcrafts and food products from around the world. Sales of our unique fair trade crafts, coffee, and food items enable impoverished artisans and farmers to provide for themselves and their families.  Our success depends upon scores of volunteers who staff the store or assist behind the scenes.


 Crossroads was founded in 1988 with three goals in mind:

  • to help craftspeople in impoverished areas achieve self-sufficiency,

  • to provide people in more affluent areas of the world ways to respond to increasing global problems of poverty and hunger, and

  • to educate our community and encourage global thinking about people, poverty, and social justice.

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