How Many Days to America?

How Many Days to America?


by Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Beth Peck

It was nice in our village. Till the October night when the soldiers came. Mom hid my little sister and me under the bed as the muddy boots of soldiers marched by our window. Father whispered to his family, “After the soldiers go we must leave.” “Why?” the boy asks. “Because we do not think the way they think, my son. Hurry!”

Our reader, Hayden, found the story fascinating. At one point in the journey, the boat motor quit and could not be repaired. The women made a sail by knotting clothes together. The young boy looked up to see his father’s Sunday shirt blowing in the wind. That handmade sail carried the boat on as they traveled to the new land. America.

A Thanksgiving story that knows no year, no season, no race.

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