Local Author Spotlight: Amy Kinzer Steidinger

So Many Fragile Things is a historical true crime book based on a personal story resulting from her quest to research the genealogy of her husband’s family from Tremont, Illinois.

Amy writes, “Deep within the pages of a family book lies a secret. While reading through a volume of Amish, Mennonite & Apostolic Christian relatives, I found the story of a mother and her three young children who all died on March 13, 1900. I asked some elderly aunts who know the secret but refuse to talk about it.”

Was it an accident? An illness of some kind? She soon learned that the husband and father of this young family had murdered them after being excommunicated from the Amish church. This historical true crime book follows the trial and provides some answers.

Amy Kinzer Steidinger is a genealogist and historian who loves stories. She’s been an educator in public and private school programs for twenty-five years.

Purchase the Book

Copies of Amy's book are available at Crossroads Fair Trade Goods and Gifts for $20.95.

Author Events

Crossroads Fair Trade hosted Amy for a book signing and reading event on Saturday, April 2 from 10 AM until Noon. Amy shared an excerpt from her book, So Many Fragile Things, at 11 AM.

Listen to the podcast episode

So Many Fragile Things has just been released as episode 1 of the Allegedly podcast by Voyage Media. Actor Michael Emerson (Lost, Evil and Person of Interest) performs the real words of the killer featuring court documents from over 120 years ago.

Allegedly is a true crime anthology series with a new true crime story every week with an interview with the person who either lived it or is directly connected to the crime. Interviews are mixed with scripted sequences, recreating, for example, the verbatim words of a killer from his suicide note in the year 1900.


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